Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Suzanne Collins - Catching Fire

There are no spoilers for the book being reviewed but there may be spoilers for previous books in the series.

Katniss and Peeta are embarking on their victory tour. Having won the hunger games they should be safe but there are rumours of an uprising and Katniss is at the heart of it which puts her in even more danger.

Having finished The Hunger Games I jumped straight into Catching Fire, I wasn’t too sure where it was going to go but was interested to see what would happen to Katniss after winning the Hunger Games and I wasn’t disappointed. The book begins about six months after the events of The Hunger Games.

Again the book was pacy and action packed and I read it pretty much all in one sitting. We saw the return of many key characters and the introduction of some new ones which was interesting. The ending is a cliff hanger so straight onto book three for me. (I’m glad I’m reading them all at once, I’d hate to have to wait for the next one to be released)!

Friday, 6 January 2012

Looking back at 2011

I realise we are already six days into 2012 but I still wanted to do a roundup of 2011 despite it being a bit late! Personally 2011 was a terrible year for me in general but surprisingly it actually turned out to be a pretty good year reading wise. I managed to read 56 books in total for the year. I have no idea how that compares to previous years as this is the first time I have ever kept count but I think it’s probably better than my average. I was aiming for 50 so I managed to beat my target which is good.

I took part in three reading challenges in 2011. The Speculative Fiction Reading Challenge The Stephen King Reading Challenge and The Criminal Plots Reading Challenge.

The one I thought I would find most challenging was the Speculative Fiction reading challenge. I was worried that I would struggle to read 12 speculative fiction books in the year but in actual fact I read 35, almost triple the original target! I really enjoyed this challenge and was even lucky enough to win one of the prize packs!

I just managed to complete the Criminal Plots reading challenge in time. I had read five of the six books by July but then struggled to find a book for the debut author category. Eventually I found one and managed to complete the challenge.

The Stephen King reading challenge was the only one I didn’t manage to complete. I ended up reading just a pitiful two out of six books. I thought I would have done well with this one seeing as King is my favourite author but I just felt too guilty re-reading when I have so many never read books sitting in my to read pile! I do intend doing at least one King re-read during 2012 though as it has been many years since I read some of his books and it would be nice to revisit them at some point.

I have read quite a wide range of books over the past year including crime, thrillers, horror, science fiction, urban fantasy and biographies and on the whole I really enjoyed them. I read quite a lot of young adult in 2011 which is not the norm for me. Some I wasn’t so keen on (House of Night) and others I really enjoyed (Morganvile Vampires series and the Hunger Games trilogy – two of which I still need to review!).

My target for 2012 is 52 books. I have already read one and am three quarters of the way through another so doing well so far! I also want to get my reviews up quicker but that’s not going so well yet as I am currently three reviews behind! I have decided not to take part in any reading challenges this year and just see where my reading takes me on it’s own!