Thursday, 19 August 2010

Imogen Edwards-Jones & Anonymous –Fashion Babylon

Tales (supposedly all true) from fashion industry insiders set around a fictional designer and her team over a six month period.

I have read Air, Hotel and Beach Babylon and enjoyed them all so decided to read Fashion as I managed to get a cheap copy. The fashion industry is not something that really interests me but I thought the book would be entertaining anyway. It was but not hugely so. Perhaps someone more interested in fashion would get more out of it but I found it pretty slow going and quite repetitive in places.

Also, as I said before I don’t know much about the fashion industry but the book didn’t really tell me anything new. It’s fairly obvious that there is going to be partying with lots of drinking and drug taking, that ideas are going to be stolen and that models get funny if they expect to be first on but end up being moved down the running order.

That said, it was still a fairly entertaining read. It just didn’t live up to the other Babylon books, but I think that had more to do with me and than the book itself. I am still looking to get Pop and Wedding Babylon to read in due course (and as these are subjects that interest me more than fashion I have higher hopes for those).

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