Friday, 24 September 2010

Dom Joly Talk and Book Signing

Last Thursday I attended a talk and book signing by Dom Joly at Waterstones in Bristol Galleries (or The Mall Bristol as it’s now called, not to be confused with The Mall Cribbs Causeway!). I was pleased that he was coming to Bristol as we had been planning to go to his book signing in Bristol for his autobiography “Look at me, look at me” a few years ago but it unfortunately got cancelled.

We arrived just on time for the 7pm start and found some seats in the second row. Unfortunately, just before the talk started a large man sat in the seat in front of me which restricted my view somewhat!

Dom was promoting his new book “The Dark Tourist”. He spoke about the places he had visited for the book and his experiences there and showed photos from the trip. He spoke in a very entertaining manner and I thoroughly enjoyed the talk and would have been happy for it to go on much longer. He then opened up for questions from the audience. I’m not generally a fan of audience questions as they can end up being repetitive, pointless or just plain bizarre! A few of the questions asked did fall into those categories but there were a few good questions asked as well. The music from Trigger Happy TV was mentioned which I found particularly interesting as I like the music from the show.

After that we queued up to get our books signed. Dom was friendly and nice, he signed our books and I got a photo with him which you can see below.

Dom Joly

Looking forward to reading the book now. If it’s even half as good as the talk then it will be a good read. I will definitely make to effort to go to another signing if he releases any more books in the future.

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