Thursday, 20 May 2010

Barbara Vine – No Night is too Long

This is the story of Tim Cornish and the events surrounding the murder of his lover Ivo. It is written in the first person, mainly as an account written down by Tim in an attempt to exorcise some of the guilt that he feels.

I was very quickly drawn into this book and hooked by the story. The characters were well written and the story engaging and suspenseful. One of the things I particularly like about Barbara Vines books is the way in which they build slowly and have excellent insight into the characters and this book did not disappoint.

Nice twists at the end, some east to spot and some not so.

Overall very enjoyable and would certainly recommend although if you have never read any Barbara Vine I’m not sure this one would be the best place to start (I’d suggest Grasshopper or The Chimney Sweeper's Boy as a good starting point).

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