Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Rachel Vincent – Prey

Prey is the fourth book in the Faythe Sanders werecat series. This book follows on approx. two months after the events of Pride. Marc has been exiled to the free territory and Manx is facing trial for murder. The pride are under increasing difficulties due to disorder within the territorial council and when Marc goes missing Faythe has to try to find him before its too late.

This book blew the others out of the water, it was the best so far by a long shot. It is packed with action, emotion and some unexpected occurrences. Faythe is really developing as a character, she has had to grow up a lot over the events of the series and this shows even more in Prey.

A lot happens in this book (one of which I really want to mention but it’s a big spoiler so I wont) but it doesn’t feel rushed or overrun with things going on. I couldn’t put it down!

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